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Squirrel Control Oxfordshire

How will you know you have a squirrel problem?

The most common sign of squirrels is when they come into your loft area.  They are extremely noisy and can make a tremendous amount of noise, much more than rats or mice.

Why should you have squirrels treated?

Squirrels can cause significant damage.  They tear up loft insulation for bedding, they chew timber and pipe work and they pose a significant fire hazard by stripping the insulation from your electrical wiring. Grey squirrels are vermin and if they enter your garden they will destroy plants, bulbs, strip bark and will eat birds’ eggs and chicks.

What can you do before treatment?

Just observe, don’t try to block any entry points before treatment, this may cause the squirrels to do more damage as they try to get back into your property.

What will we do to treat this Squirrel problem?

The area will be checked first to make sure that the problem is grey squirrels. Once we have established this we will then set some traps or cages to remove the problem in the most humane way.

What happens after treatment of Squirrels?

If squirrels have entered your property some proofing should take place after treatment to ensure that other squirrels in the area do not take over from the ones that have been dealt with.

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