Asian Hornets in Oxfordshire including DEFRA information on Asian Hornets

Asian Hornets in Oxfordshire

Asian Hornets in Oxfordshire

A quick search for DEFRA Asian Hornets on Google doesn’t reveal a great deal about them but I did find this information about Asian Hornets on the website;

Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)

Vespa velutina, or the yellow legged hornet, is a predator of honey bees. It was accidentally introduced from Asia into France in 2004. It has not yet been found in the UK but has spread to many other European countries, causing significant damage to domestic honey bee colonies. Although it is not a statutory notifiable pest, you should report any sightings of this pest via the Non-Native Species Secretariat website



Asian Hornets in Oxfordshire

Hopefully there are no Asian Hornets in Oxfordshire yet but if you think you have seen them and want them, or any normal hornets or wasps removed then give us a call on 01865 731666 or 07557 508542


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