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Woodworm Treatment Specialists Oxfordshire

Woodworm Treatment Oxfordshire

We are a local, family owned woodworm treatment specialist with three generations of pest control expertise.

I have been trained by The Property Care Association as a Surveyor of Timber Infestation in Buildings which qualifies me to survey, identify and treat woodworm infestations.

I am based in Oxfordshire and in addition to my home county I also cover Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

woodworm treatment Oxfordshire
Woodworm Treatment Oxfordshire Warwickshire Gloucestershire

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Dealing with a Woodworm Infestation

If you suspect you may have woodworm or a surveyor has picked this up during a survey for a mortgage then please get in touch. We will come to the property and see if the woodworm is currently active. There may be signs of woodworm but it doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been treated in years gone by. Don’t worry our Woodworm Treatment Specialists and Woodworm surveyors will be able to tell within minutes whether it actually needs treating or not.

Should treatment be required we will assess the extent of the problem, identify the actual species that is causing it and then select the appropriate treatment involved in ridding the timber of the infestation.

All of this will be documented in a full report and sent to you for your consideration. This will include our recommendations and full costs.

Treatment can then be carried out at a time to suit your needs.

There is no infestation that will be classed as too small nor to large we have treated furniture all the way through to whole houses.

All of our treatments carry a 20year guarantee.

Next Step

Fill out the online booking request and one of our team will contact you with a view of arranging a convenient time to suit you to carry out a full and in-depth survey.

signs of woodworm

The most common wood boring Beetles include

The Common Furniture Beetle – What most people refer to as Woodworm

The Deathwatch Beetle – Normally found in much older properties

Powder Post Beetle – Mainly found in Chestnut, Beech and Birch wood

Woodworm Lifecycle

The four stages of Woodworm are:

Egg – Laid in various locations around wood such as under floorboards by the adult beetle.

Larva – Once the larva hatch out from the egg they head straight into wood and these entry holes cannot normally be seen by the naked eye. Once the larva is in the wood then it can live for several years tunneling and causing damage.

Pupa – Once the Larvae mature and grow they eat their way towards the surface of the wood before turning into an adult beetle.

Adult Beetle – Once they eat their way out of the wood their only purpose in life is to find a mate and the breeding cycle starts all over again.

Signs of woodworm infestation

Dead beetles usually found in windowsills near the attacked wood, they fly toward the light, which sometimes confuses people, as they can’t work out where they are from. This occurs mainly in May and October.

Crumbling Wood normally found on the edges of timber such as floor boards and roof trusses.

Frass – Piles of fine wood found in heaps below the infested areas almost dust like.

The most common signs to people are the holes that the adult beetle leaves as they exit the wood. These can be found in small numbers in mild cases and large numbers once the woodworm has infested an area. If left untreated this can seriously weaken timber causing structural damage.

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