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Wasp Nest Removal Oxfordshire


How will you know if you have a wasp nest?

You will see wasps entering and leaving the nest through holes in the ground, a wall, the roof, a tree or bush, or any other part of your building.  This generally takes place between May & November.  Wasps nests are made of a paper mache type of material are brown or grey in colour and can vary in shape and size but are often shaped like a heart with the top being much wider than the bottom.

The Vespine Hazard.

Wasps can be a health hazard and as such should not be ignored or taken lightly. It is estimated that between 300,000 and 400,000 people seek medical attention each year, 1000 of these are hospitalised and in the region of 12 people die from anaphylactic related illnesses yearly in the UK alone. All of this occurs within the spring and summer ‘wasp season’ – not over a 12 month period! As well as nesting in roof spaces, wasps also enjoy nesting in wood piles, garages, lawns and sometimes trees and bushes to name but a few.

Our Wasp Nest Treatment.

We GUARANTEE a successful treatment, call us or submit a booking form to request a time slot and speak with us in person to confirm our attendance, you will be dealing with a local business not a national company or call centre. 

Any treatments that fail will be retreated for free, no questions asked.

As a small family run business based in the heart of Oxfordshire, we are able to attend your premises and treat the wasp nest within 24 hours and usually the same day. Why wait for a week for the council to ring you back. As most nests within attics, lofts or dormer windows will be treated with a dry powder from the outside of the building you need not necessarily be home so long as we have access to the grounds below the nest.

Post Wasp Nest Treatment.

There will be a period of greater activity within a metre or so of the entrance to the nest for a period of up to a couple of hours. These wasps will then naturally disperse and not return. The wasp nest will then die within a few more hours. Wasps will never re-use a nest.

Should you not be at home when we treat your wasp nest we will be able to leave you an information booklet on tips and further advice on wasp nest treatment and wasp nest removal.