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Wasp? Bumble Bee? Honey Bee?


Can you tell the difference between a wasp, a bumble bee and a honey bee?

Take a look at the images below. They will help you understand what problem you have and help us decide which way to deal with the problem. Sometimes no treatment is needed at all.

Honey Bees – We will only provide treatment if it is considered an emergency. This can include a nest near schools, hospitals, near those who are allergic to stings. If it is at all possible to remove them live without having to treat them then this will be our first choice. Derek is a current honey bee keeper and he will re-home them alongside his current hives. 

Please make sure that if you are calling for a problem with wasps that they are wasps and not bees.

If we visit for the treatment of wasps and they are bees then we will charge you a call out fee





Honey bee 2


A Huge Prime Swarm of Honey Bees - Collected from Cornwell Manor and re-homed with us