Stop Cluster Fly Problems

Stop Cluster Fly Problems

Pest Solutions Oxfordshire provide Cluster Fly Control in Oxfordshire

February may be a little early to worry about cluster fly but better to be prepared as although not a health issue, it is not pleasant seeing hundreds of dead flies on or around your bedroom windows. There is also the issue of constantly clearing up and disposing of the dead flies.

Contact Pest Solutions Oxfordshire early if you know you will have a problem with cluster flies as March and April is a particularly busy time

How to treat the cluster fly problems?

All affected and surrounding areas will be treated with Ficam W and Ficam D. These are modern biodegradable residual insecticides that are odourless and do not stain, one is water based and the other a powder. In extreme cases I may also use an insecticidal smoke generator which contains a chemical called Permethrin.

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Cluster Fly Control service

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Getting Rid of Cluster Fly