Contract Services - Pest Control Oxfordshire

Contract Services

                                                                  Standard Contract Services

Normally 8 detailed inspections (this can be increased to 12, 26 or a bespoke number specific to the needs of the site) and any treatments required from one of our qualified technicians per annum at regular intervals for the premises covered by the Service Schedule.

Precautionary baits will be maintained and changed regularly in areas of high risk.

Infestation by the scheduled pests will be treated as necessary. A follow up service will be carried out to ensure the successful eradication of a rodent or specified insect infestation, normally within 14 days.

Any follow up treatments for the specified pests are free of charge.

Infestation by pests other than those listed on the specific contract will be reported to the client together with recommendations for eradication.

All contracts are individually priced and are dependent on the premises – to arrange your free no obligation survey please contact us direct.


                                                            Specialist Pest Control Services

  • Rodent and insect – single treatments or regular inspection and treatments at service intervals appropriate to individual premises.

  • Proofing service – to deny access or harbourage to rodents and insects.

  • Flying insect control – safe and efficient insecticidal treatments.

  • Flying insect control – an extensive range of high quality electronic fly killing units.

  • Flying insect control – supply and installation of fly screens, doors and windows.

  • Urban bird control – proofing installations guaranteed to be effective.

  • Specialist cleaning and disinfection of areas fouled by bird droppings and nesting materials.